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Dec 22, 2012 11:00pm EST
on amtrak today, but the rail service reported no significant delays going in or out of union station. the rail service is adding cars to many of their trains, but they don't plan to add any additional service for the christmas holiday. >>> and to the roads now, traffic is still heavy at this hour. this is a live look at i-95 near maryland 100. cars moving at a snail's pace tonight. 93 million americans are expected to hit the roads for the holidays, so pack your patience if you're one of them. >>> it could be the end for jack's boat house on the georgetown waterfront. the national park service asked the canoe and kayak rental company to move out by the end of january. the man who operates the facility says he got a notification letter from the park service on wednesday. he says the boat house technically has no lease, but it's been operating out of the same location on the potomac since the 1940s. he says he plans to fight the request. >>> family of four is safe but forced out of their home tonight after a fire breaks out in montgomery county. this was the aftermath around 6:15 on ca
Dec 5, 2012 11:00pm EST
. surveillance video showed someone planting explosive at the virginia credit union about 4:00 this morning. but it wasn't strong enough to break open the atm. >> kind of warm early today, but not anymore. veronica, is it going to get colder tonight? >> that it is, for sure. it's gotten a little uncomfortable for us. the wind, there is still some wind out there. but i still skpnt it to settle on down. but all of us walking a little faster from inside in. and here's the reason why. the temperatures have really dropped. we're at 39 degrees right now. you folks in franconia. look at the current windchill readings. shave 6-7 degrees off the air temp and you've got it. another opportunity for a warm up. stick around for my forecast. >> the distriblgt is about to get more help for sandy clean up. today, president obama declared a major disaster in d.c. ordering federal aid to supplement efforts. the president made an emergency declaration for the district shortly after sandy. but a major declaration means more long-term federal aid. >> coming up tonight, a dramatic end to a 10-hour stand off up i
Dec 6, 2012 11:00pm EST
. the league left a voice mail message for union cef donald fehr being a voice mail message, saying the latest offer wasn't acceptable. so no the capitals won't be here, but we do have the hershey bears hockey team to enjoy, braden holtby getting ready in a familiar dressing room, this time in net for hershey. taking on norfolk, ahead to mcmillan be, mcmillan will beat hotel by glove side. admirals a 1-0 start. hotel b holtby, look at that, beautiful one-timer. hershey takes the lead and holds on for the 2-1 win. pretty good crowd at verizon center for a little hockey. maybe hershey will have to come back every week or so just to get our hockey fix. >>> to college park for some ladies hoops. little one enjoying the show as the terps hosted virginia. second half, virginia's randolph stripped by thomas. thomas going coast to coast for the strong finish. take another look. thomas, 20 points. give me that ball and i'm going the distance. 20 points, 11 rebounds, terps a 51-23 lead. later virginia on a 16-2 run, patten gets the steal, ahead to raton, up and in, the terps begin their defense of the a
Dec 9, 2012 11:30pm EST
: the head of the union that represents bus operators says this was a close call for the driver and that metro transit police need to do more to pro tprotect. metro transit police tell me this bus is equipped with a video recorder, they're in the process of retrieving and reviewing the video to see if it will shed light on the investigation and who pulled the trigger. in southeast washington, darcy spencer, news 4. >>> redskins and quarterback robert griffin iii, watched the end of the win over the ravens from the sidelines. he was knocked out in the fourth quarter with a right knee injury. carol maloney is here with the results of rg, ii's mri. >> we can deliver. >> the mri on griffin's right knee, was negative. coach shanahan will have more on his status tomorrow. meantime, skins get it done with their backup qb. let's go to fedex field. the come back from the other rookie. redskins and ravens, hugging and hating all week. ravens up 28-20. on the second and 19. rg3 trying to make something happen. gets hammered. going to see it again. trying to slide. his knee takes the hit. t
Dec 30, 2012 11:30pm EST
slaves in states rebelling against the union. historians consider the proclamation a steppingstone to ratification of the 13th amendment which outlawed slavery. visitors lined up for a glimpse of the original document. >> very interesting experience. it's a very important document. >> it will be
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5